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Wood Powder Machine

Introduction of wood powder machine:

Wood powder machine is also called wood flour making machine, which is new-type superfine wood powder manufacturing equipment specializing in crushing light material, materials of fiber type, brittle material and flexible material, etc.

Technical Parameter of Wood powder machine

Input material: 3-5 mm sawdust.
Finished product: 10-325 mesh.

Features of wood powder machine:

1. The wood powder machine is equipped with fineness analyzer to make it easy to adjust the powder fineness according to the clients' requirements.
2. The feeding inlet of wood powder machine works by automatic absorbing material, which is safer than traditional crusher with direct feeding.
3. The wood powder machine adopts double layers of machine body.
4. Wood powder machine is cooled by injecting running water to protect the bearing.
5. Besides, the wood powder machine adopts new materials for sound insulation and heat dissipation. Additionally, the wood powder machine has low noise and vibration in production.

Application of wood powder machine:

Wood powder machine is suitable for wood chips, tree branch, wood stump, kinds of wood, bamboo, chestnut powder, straw, rice husk and all fibers material crushing process. Wood powder machine is a ideal crusher in the industries of chemical engineering, building material, medicine, health care, breeding, food and mosquito-repellent incense, etc.