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In the use of charcoal charcoal charcoal for the process of charcoal, there are many factors will have an impact on the quality of carbon, which is the greatest impact or the impact of temperature. Charcoal charcoal charcoal in the process to go through several stages, in different stages of carbonization should pay attention to the different temperature.
Charcoal machine can be said to be a deal with the temperature of the equipment, in the different stages of carbonation for the temperature control are not the same, especially in the drying, rod and carbonation of these stages of the temperature control is most important. If the temperature control is not good directly affect the quality of charcoal.
The charring process of charcoal is mainly divided into five stages: drying stage, pre-carbonation stage, carbonization stage, calcination stage and practicing charcoal stage. Of course, different carbonization stages for the temperature requirements are not the same, the need for charcoal workers in different stages of strict control of carbonization temperature. To ensure the quality of charcoal.
Drying stage: As the pyrolysis rate is very slow, that the temperature to be controlled at 130-160 degrees.
Pre-carbonation stage: As the pyrolysis of the material is obvious, the wood material begins to change, so the temperature of this stage should be controlled at 160-280 degrees.
Carbonization stage: also known as the thermal reaction stage, the pyrolysis of wood materials is obvious compared to the carbonization stage of the temperature should be controlled at 280-450 degrees.
Calcination stage: This stage is based on the external supply of heat for charcoal calcination, so the calcination stage of the temperature should reach 450-500 degrees.
Practice charcoal stage: is the stage of the carbonization process of the most important stage, but also the highest temperature stage, so the practice of carbon temperature should be 500-1300 degrees.

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