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Ways to Adjust Finished Wood Powder Fineness of Wood Powder Machine

Wood powder machine is also called wood flour making machine, which is new-type superfine wood powder manufacturing equipment specializing in crushing light material, materials of fiber type, brittle material and flexible material, etc.

Technical parameter of wood powder machine:

Input material: 3-5 mm sawdust.
Finished product: 10-325 mesh.

Below is the method for adjusting finished wood powder fineness:

1. Fineness: 10-325 mesh arbitrary adjustment, Capacity and fineness according to the specific gravity of the material varies. The main motor can be big or small, depending on the fineness of the material and the output.
2. Wood powder machine is equipped with air volume regulator, can adjust the air volume, transferred to the ideal fineness, can be continuous production.
3. The body has fineness analyzer, the analyzer on the bolt loose, upward movement, fineness rise, down movement, fineness reduced, transferred to the fineness you need, then fix the bolts.

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