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Professional Energy-saving Carbonization Furnace Manufacturer

Tongli provides customers with professional carbonization furnace, energy-saving carbonization furnace, self-ignite carbonization furnace, dry distillation carbonization furnace, smoke-free carbonization furnace and so on. The new type carbonization furnace is an environmentally friendly product with a flue gas recovery device on it, which achieved smoke-free production. The recycled flue gas can be processed into liquefied petroleum gas that can be lit for heating, cooking and supplying heat for dryers.

Tongli carbonization furnace can be designed into different models and sizes according to the size, humidity and shape of the raw materials, which plays a catalytic role in the development of carbonization industry.

Tongli carbonization furnace can meet the carbonization requirement of different raw materials such as straw, rice husk, living garbage, coconut shell, linen, etc., with strong pertinence, which is called one machine with various uses.

Gongyi Tongli Machinery Factory is a well-known carbonization furnace manufacturer. We design carbonization furnace by our own innovative ideas, innovate carbonization furnace, improve design process, greatly improved the production capacity, thus provide cost-effective carbonization furnace and professional technical guide to our customers. The charcoal production equipments and carbonization furnace have been exported to Russia, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan and many African countries. For more information, please view our website or contact us via the following Email.

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