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Rotary Tablet Press Machine with Import Frequency Timing

Rotary tablet press machine is a single press automatic rotation for shape-pressing equipment, which has the function of press the grains material to be round or irregular shape tablets, such as candy, calcium tablets double-sides with letter printing and etc.

Rotary_ tablet_press_machine

Rotary tablet press machine is made of stainless steel with totally closed, the surface of turntable deal with polished and prevent cross pollution which meet the GMP standard.
Rotary tablet press machine is equipped with Organic-glass perspective window for tablet producing observation. Each perspective window could be fully opened and easy for cleaning and maintenance.
 Rotary tablet press machine is adopts the import frequency timing with electromagnetism clutch.
The system of Hydraulic Pressure keep the working pressure under steady, when the pressure over-loading, it will be stopped the machine automatically.
Driving system of rotary tablet press machine is equipped with oil box and running under oil, easy for heat dissipation and wear-resistance.
Rotary tablet press machine is equipped with Dust Collector as well, which avoid the dust emission, and recycle to save dust.

Rotary tablet press machine is widely suitable for the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, and plastic electronic, and metallurgy powder and so on.

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