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BBQ Charcoal Machine 

In the past, charcoal was occasionally used as a cooking fuel. Modern charcoal briquettes are widely used for outdoor barbecues in backyards and on camping trips. So it is necessary to have BBQ charcoal briquettes with high quality for outdoor barbecues.

Good barbecue charcoal briquettes must be made from the right raw materials, which can be wood materials such as peach tree, pear tree, cassia tree, pinewood, sandalwoods, etc. It has advantages of smokeless, odorless, green and energy saving with the max temperature of 8,000 kcal/kg and max burning time of 220 minutes.
Tongli Machinery provides customers with professional BBQ charcoal making machines. Many types of this machine are available, which can make different barbecue charcoal with different shapes (bar, rod, tablet, ball, etc). Read more on our websites: http://www.cncharcoalmachine.com  http://www.charcoalequipment.com

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