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Charcoal Molding Machine

Current situation of Charcoal Molding:

Charcoal is a vanilla item, obtained by carbonizing wood materials in carbonization furnace. It is similar to regular coal, in that it can be crafted into torches and burned as fuel in furnaces for the same effect, and even shares the same texture as coal. Charcoal production at a sub-industrial level is one of the primary causes of deforestation in the developing countries. Charcoal production is usually illegal and nearly always unregulated as in some countries where charcoal production is actually a huge illegal industry for making pig iron.

Introduction to charcoal molding machine in Tongli:

But for Tongli charcoal molding machine, wood is not the only material for charcoal production. The raw material can be all kinds of carbon-bearing biomass (eg: wood waste, straw, twigs, rich husk, nutshell, peanut shell, etc.), which shall be grinded into particles (diameter: within 3mm). Charcoal molding machine can be a charcoal tablet machine, charcoal bar machine, charcoal ball machine and other charcoal briquette machine.

Charcoal rods machine
Carbonization furnace
Charcoal ball machine
Charcoal tablets machine
Biomass briquettes machine

The charcoal molding process can be the following steps:

1. Get the raw material crushed.
2. Put crushed biomass into carbonization furnace for anaerobic carbonization, and the organics, tar and moisture contained in the biomass are all carbonized during anaerobic firing process. After cooling, users can get charcoal powder.
3. Then transport charcoal powder into grinding wheel mixer for fully mixing and wetting.
4. Put the mixed charcoal into different charcoal molding machine to get charcoals of wanted shapes.