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Charcoal Mixer



This charcoal powder mixer is a wheel pan mill for charcoal powder grinding and mixing after carbonization. This machine is a necessary equipment for charcoal powder shaping production line. It has wide range application being able to mix the carbonized sawdust, wood shavings, scrap wood, branches, rice husks, peanut shells, bagasse, rosacea, cotton stalks, corn stalks, wheat straw, rice straw and other raw materials. Besides, the charcoal mixer also can get the charcoal tailings or broken charcoal rods mixed after crushing and pressing. Then molding the charcoal, users can get wanted stick charcoal, honeycomb charcoal, ball charcoal and other different shape products. 

Wheel grinding mixer is a charcoal grinding and mixing machine which can grind coarse charcoal particles by the roller gravity. It is composed of crushing rollers and grinding base.

The charcoal material is fed from the middle of the grinding base, then forced into the bottom roller under the thrust of scraper blade and its own centrifugal. After grinded several times, the fine particles are discharged through screen apertures, while the course particles are returned for secondary grinding. Besides, this wheel grinding mixer is a mixing machine. Users can pour water into the charcoal material during  grinding. 

Technical Parameters:

Model Power Capacity Weight Dimension
50 15Kw 1200kg/h 850Kg 1.8m*1.3m*1.9m