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Adjustment of Superfine Wood Powder Machine Fineness Analyzer

Wood powder machine is new-type superfine wood powder manufacturing equipment specializing in crushing light material, materials of fiber type, brittle material and flexible material, etc.

The superfine wood powder machine adopts the vertical motor. The vertical motor drives the grinding disc. The grinding disc rotates the grinding wheel to drive the grinding of the wood between the grinding rings. After understanding the principle, it is not difficult to find that the fineness of the wood powder is thick. Part of the reason is that the gap between the grinding ball and the grinding ring is too large, which is caused by the wear of the grinding ball and the grinding ring; however, there are other factors in the actual production that are adjusted by the fineness analyzer of the wood powder machine. The fineness analyzer is installed on the top of the crushing chamber of the wood powder machine. The disc has multi-blade design, which is perpendicular to the top of the grinding chamber of the superfine wood powder machine. The fine adjustment of the fineness of the wood powder is realized by adjusting the speed of the analyzer. This is actually produced. It is also necessary to pay attention to the different fineness of wood powder processing, the speed of the analyzer is different, the higher the fineness of the wood powder, the faster the analyzer speed.
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